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Why rekey

There are numerous services that can be offered by a professional locksmith, on of them is rekey. Locksmithing is an extensive domain, and a service that is well fit for your home, may not be so to your car or office. Rekey is not one of those services; it's a unique service that can well serve your home, car and office. 

What is rekey?

Rekey is changing the tumblers of the lock. As a result of that, the key that used to open the lock will no longer be at use, since the tumblers have changed and they no longer fit the key. While rekeying your lock, you disable your old key and use a new one for the existing lock. In other words, rekey is similar to changing the lock without really changing it. Today, after it is mentioned, most people prefer to rekey than to chance the lock, due to financial reason mostly. Although it's no emergency locksmith service, rekey is a very simple procedure and can be done on the spot by a professional locksmith company.

The advantages of rekey are obvious, first and foremost it increases your security level, that’s why it is recommended when losing keys, moving to a new home or just playing safe. It saves you both time and money, thinking of what new lock you should purchase.

As said earlier, rekey can well serve your home, car and office. Wherever there is a lock, there is a rekey service. Consult with your local locksmith in Portland and see if you should rekey your locks.  






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